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Published: 05th July 2010
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I've been within the health and fitness industry for nearly a decade. I no longer represent a retailer or manufacturer, just myself. This places me in a unique position to provide my honest opinions, something I have not been able to do for years! Read my guide and save cash! 1: No Purchasing Strategy Should you call a salesman who sells star trac 2000 and you do not know what you are going to purchase, he will much more than likely decide what you are going to purchase for you. Chances are, you will be purchasing an costly treadmill with much more features than you will ever require and accessories you will in no way use. Here are some general guidelines for creating your purchasing strategy: Will you be jogging or jogging? You ought to know the answer to this question prior to you even begin your research. Should you strategy on purchasing a treadmill for jogging or jogging much less than 4 MPH do not invest much more than $1000. My top jogging treadmill pick may be the Horizon T91 Treadmill for about $599 delivered. You could go less expensive and get a Merit 725T Treadmill for $399, but it will only be great for the lightest of routines. Should you strategy on jogging or running you ought to certainly invest at least $1000. Spending a $1000 will get you a decent sized running region within the neighborhood of 18" x 55", an 11 MPH top speed, and heart rate control. The most I could justify a house user spending on a treadmill is really a $2000. Once you pay much more than 2 grand you are paying for gym high quality equipment and unless you strategy on utilizing your treadmill 20 hours a day, you won't require gym high quality equipment. 2: Purchasing a Treadmill having a Brief Guarantee I would in no way purchase, let alone trust a treadmill that sells for $500 or much more that's not backed by a 1 year parts and labor guarantee. You will find a couple treadmill producers available like Proform that tend to provide their treadmills for any 90 day parts and labor guarantee. I've heard too numerous horror stories from clients who bought a treadmill with brief guarantee only to become stuck with an costly repair bill 6 months after buy date. Do not make the mistake of purchasing a treadmill having a brief guarantee! 3: Being Fooled by the Hype Treadmill producers use a great deal of tricks to obtain you to purchase their product. A great rule of thumb may be the much more hype, the worse the treadmill. Producers manipulate numbers to produce the illusion of a great deal. I've seen treadmills having a "suggested" retail cost of $1000 go for $500. Truth is, the manufacturer in no way expected to sell that treadmill for any $1000. Producers "suggest" a $1000 cost tag so retailers can tell the consumer "we'll let it go for 50% off". Producers will also hype up points like fans, built in MP3 players or radios, and magazine racks to entice you to purchase their treadmill. Much more frequently than not, it costs a great deal much less to add a book rack or cup holder than it does to install much better motors or a larger running region. Should you do not want to become suckered in by the hype look for the essential points very first; horsepower, 1 year parts and labor guarantee, and running region. Narrow your choices down to 4 or five great treadmills then begin looking at all the little points. 4: Shopping in a Bad Neighborhood You will find particular neighborhoods nobody likes to become in at night. Within the treadmill world, you will find about 3 or 4 businesses I would strongly advise staying away from for numerous reasons. I won't mention these businesses by name simply because I do not want a legal battle on my hands. Nevertheless, I can supply you having a list of "good neighborhoods", businesses whose items usually meet or exceed my expectations. Those businesses are Sole Health and fitness, Horizon Health and fitness, Smoooth Health and fitness, Spirit Health and fitness, and star trac 2000 Health and fitness. Stick with one of those businesses and you are certain to discover a excellent treadmill at a excellent cost! five: Not Asking for any Discount I keep in mind my very first sales call. The owner of the organization I worked for at the time happened to become jogging by and heard me ask "Can we knock off a couple bucks if they ask for it?" My supervisor was about to answer when the owner chimed in having a grunt, "Offer them a free of charge heart rate monitor, if they do not go for that you are able to knock off as much as $30, but begin with $10." I was flabbergasted. My very first over the phone sale ended up having a free of charge heart rate monitor and $15 off the cost of her treadmill. Each and every salesman may not be willing to provide you a discount, but somebody available will, should you ask truly nice. Well, that ends my five Mistakes You'll make Purchasing a Treadmill guide. I hope you feel like you've the tools you have to go out and purchase the treadmill you require. Just keep in mind, do not purchase without a strategy, get a great guarantee, do not believe the hype, purchase from a reputable treadmill manufacturer, and ask for any discount!

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